How to Choose The Right Medical Uniform

As healthcare workers, the labors of your job are extensive, to say the least, long shifts that, more times other than not, link to the back of other shifts in a continuous loop! 

One of the essential things you need to get through that is your medical uniform, as it allows you to look professional, move with comfort, and also it’s a layer of protection against germs and microbes. 

You can’t wear a medical uniform that’s itchy, tight or doesn’t have pockets, as it will ruin your day and hinder you from doing your job.

Four things to look for when choosing a suitable medical uniform material: 

  • If you have any sensitivities towards certain materials: Some people prefer uniforms made from cotton or dacron as they are more gentle on the skin. It is essential to check your uniform material before purchasing it to ensure that its material doesn’t cause you any sensitivities.
  • Season-appropriate material: Summer and Winter medical uniforms vary in styles and layers; in Summer, you should go with short sleeves made from a breathable fabric like 100% cotton, Poplin, Viscose, Cotton-poly blends, or Dacron blends. In Winter, you should wear long sleeves made from a material that can keep you warm, like Polyester or synthetic blends, and you should consider getting a jacket over your uniform to keep you extra warm. 
  • Consider the quality: Medical uniforms are washed daily, so you need to purchase something made of high-quality material so it won’t shrink, fade, or need special care. 
  • Consider your budget: Although high-quality medical uniforms can be a bit pricey, you’ll find yourself paying even more for low-quality uniforms that will be useless after a couple of wears, so invest in medical uniforms that you can depend on for long periods.    
  • Unidress Uniform offers medical uniforms for men and women made from various high-quality materials like Poplin, Dacron, Lycra, Synthetic blends, Polyester, Poly-cotton, and more. 

    We produce different lines to provide different styles, fits, and colors, so you can always find your perfect medical uniform.  

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